The new
of Arginine
For the ultimate pump
The new
of Arginine
For the ultimate pump

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About Agmapure

Agmapure is new and unique in the nutritional supplement field. It is patented and is regarded as one of the purest forms of agmatine sulphate due to its production through fermentation.

We at Body Attack are sure.

With Agmapure we open up completely new possibilities for our customers on the themes of performance increase and muscle development. 

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Intel has shown the way forward. In the knowledge that it was offering the most superior processor product, the company invented the slogan “Intel Inside” – a marketing tool which was made available to customers to advertise the added value and higher performance of their products.

Agmapure now offers you exactly this opportunity to highlight the superiority of your products: With the label “BOOSTED BY AGMAPURE” we offer you free of charge a quality signet for your products, packaging or communication media.

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The new super-arginine

For the ultimate pump in training Agmapure is irreplaceable!
Many bodybuilders already rely on the latest generation
of arginine. In retail stores Agmapure can be found, among other things,
in the new Body Attack Nitro Pump 2.0.







Agmapure is one of the purest forms of agmatine sulphate, produced in a natural fermentation process that guarantees a particularly pure and high-quality product. Similar products may often contain impurities due to their production in chemical processes. Agmatine sulphate (or agmatine), is contained in many foodstuffs as a natural component; however, in such small amounts that it may be of advantage to add the nutritional supplement of agmatine. It is produced in the metabolic process through the breakdown of the amino acid arginine; accordingly, the effect of arginine is similar, but much superior.


The natural arginine level in the body is relatively low and also highly variable. A sufficient amount of arginine can often only be attained by athletes and other sportspeople through the addition of nutritional supplements. This purpose is served most effectively by Agmapure (agmatine sulphate): stimulation of nitric oxide production causes an increase in nitric oxide concentration in the blood. This high level of nitric oxide leads to an increased supply of nutrients to the muscles, thereby triggering several positive effects:

– Larger and faster muscle growth
– More intensive pump during bodybuilding
– Improved performance capacity in every type of sport
– Fat reduction through increased insulin production

In addition, Agmapure has a number of other positive effects on our bodies:

– Antioxidative effect
– Reduced cortisol level
– Stimulation of growth hormone development
– Positive effect on mood
– Vasodilatation (dilatation of blood vessels)


Agmapure is the new generation of arginine – a high dosage “super-arginine”, which means it can also be applied, among other things, wherever arginine had previously been used.

Competitive and popular sports:
Increasing optimal performance, improvement of individual performance data

Increasing individual pump performance, optimal nutrient supply to the muscles

Increased muscle flexibility, prolonged perseverance

Shorter recovery times, strong muscle build-up, positive effect on mood


Experience of Hans:

Up to now, I have had a very positive experience with arginine supplements, i.e. I no longer felt so burned out after sport. A good friend informed me about the existence of something better than arginine, namely Agmapure. I took it daily and feel that it is much better than traditional arginine. I certainly feel fitter and perform better in training.

In comparison with arginine the muscle pump effect sets in already after the 2nd set. It is much more intensive and prolonged. I have a generally improved feeling of wellbeing after training (perhaps due to better blood circulation).


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